Chatbot: simplify interactions with your customers

We are happy to offer you the new channel for interacting with your customers – the inCust chatbot.

With the inCust chatbot, you can:

– engage customers in online communication without requiring them to install a mobile app;

– solve the problem of filling out the Customer profile and keeping customer information actual. For example, you can offer the coupon, but in order to use it, the customer would need to fill out the required form fields (his name, age, gender) and confirm acceptance of your terms of service;

– simplify communication with customers. 

For customers, it becomes more convenient to: 

– have a digital card at hand and easily show it to the salesperson or cashier;

– review the bonus points balance and the contents of the digital wallet;

– receive coupons and special offers;

– communicate with your business;

– update customer profile.

To use the chatbot, customers need to scan the QR code, which will take them to the corresponding instant messaging system. You can take the needed QR codes and place them at the cash desk, on the cafe table, and at other places where the customers can see them.

Currently, you can use the inCust chatbot on the following instant messaging systems:



Facebook Messenger 

It is also possible to connect the chatbot to other systems upon your request.

The common chatbot runs under the inCust trademark. We can create an individual chatbot for your business that will work under your trademark. You are welcome to send your requests for such a chatbot to

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