Hixst Parking Space (HPS): New technologies for parkings and malls

A car is an essential part of our modern life. And every year, the number of vehicles used in cities grows and the need for modern parking spaces increases as well. Hixst, in collaboration with inCust, has implemented the Hixst Park System. This product represents an efficient parking management system with which your parking or parking zone will get to the new modern level. The system helps to solve the tasks of automatic control and efficient management of the use of parking spaces. It also helps to make drivers’ service quicker and increase safety of traffic flows in parkings and on the road entrances and exits.

Initially, Hixst had an outstanding engineering solution for parking, but it lacked functions related to payment and settlements with drivers and partners. 

Combining this engineering solution with inCust software made it possible to strengthen the parking management system significantly. From inCust, the system received a powerful platform that allows receiving and processing payments, mutual settlements with partners, the possibility of organizing prepayments and parking passes, loyalty programs, cross-marketing, and cross-selling. Hixst provides an engineering parking management system, modern equipment, and services for quick integration and installation.


Who will benefit from the Hixst Park System:

  • Parking Management Companies
  • Business centers
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Event management companies
  • Local government

What we offer:

  • Processing of payments for parking and related services. The ability to accept money through the payment terminal, mobile application, chatbot
  • Provision of prepaid services (parking or entry passes)
  • Support for free parking for employees or certain categories of vehicles
  • The ability to organize payment in other places. Sales or free provision of tickets (coupons) for parking printed on paper or with the help of partners. For example, a supermarket in a shopping center can issue a coupon for paying for parking in this shopping center, and a press kiosk in the city can sell parking passes with the discount.
  • Cross-marketing and cross-selling – the opportunity for parkings to recommend partners for a fee, and for partners – to offer using the service of your parking area.
  • Service in electronic form – neither paper coupons nor plastic cards are needed, although they can also be implemented if necessary or upon request of the local government. The system supports plastic cards that are already on hand. 
  • Loyalty program, which can be individual for a parking or joint with partners
  • The convenience of management through the Business control panel
  • The ability to reach the visitor, driver, customer through omnichannel communications (Push-messages in a mobile application, chatbot, instant messaging, SMS, email)
  • Export of data to third-party data analysis systems (Business Intelligence and Data Mining)


Hixst Park System can use both the inCust cloud service (SaaS) and individual copies of the inCust platform installed on the side of the parking owner.

The following inCust platform modules are used:

  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Coupons and Certificates
  • E-store
  • Information and communication
  • Customer database


  • Installation and launch of Hixst Park System with integration doable in a month
  • The product is already being used in pilot mode in Spain, Latvia, and Estonia
  • There already exist integrations with cross-marketing partners

Advantages of use:

  • Easy payment and driver authorization
  • No talons, checks, lines, or search for payment terminals
  • Ability to book parking space online
  • Work with instant messaging systems for management and automation of parking devices
  • Pay only for the time you were in the parking: support for per-second billing
  • Different payment methods are available: cash in the terminal, bank card, or payment through the application or chatbot, scanning the QR code of the parking session in the terminal.
  • Support the whitelists for free service and blacklists for denial of service
  • For malls and shopping centers – the ability to pay for parking with bonus points or coupons that have been credited or issued by shops, restaurants, and services located in the shopping center
  • saving of time on entry and exit

How it works on the example of parking:

You can control the HPS system (Windows or Linux platform) via a web interface (use from a phone, tablet, computer) with the ability to set access levels for the administrator, owner or operator, or with cameras that have the ANPR software installed (record the arrival and departure of cars).

How does the camera detection system work? Cameras are installed, the information from which goes to the HPS system, after confirming access to the control and management module of a barrier and recognizing the plate number, access to the parking is provided. Entry status is additionally confirmed before opening a parking session by checking of crossing the barrier line.

Before the car leaves the parking, the operator’s workplace receives information about the plate number, parking time, and the amount to pay.

If the stay does not exceed a certain free period (15 minutes), the barrier will open automatically. If the time limit for free parking has been exceeded, the driver will need to pay for parking in one of the following ways:

  • Bonus points (automatically)
  • Through the self-service terminal
  • Through the mobile application
  • Operator through the HPS program interface

After payment, the parking session is closed, and the car can leave the parking. The data is stored in the parking history on the HPS server for further administration.

You can easily add license plates of emergency services, police, ambulance, services, or staff, and they will be allowed into the area automatically. Also, it is possible to restrict access with the “blacklist”. All data is exported in XLS format, which can then be added to any system (possibly as a CSV file) for further processing.

The convenient system of management of free places consists of the main and per-floor boards with indication of places (free, reserved, occupied). There is an option to reserve a place (a special indicator light will be switched on).

Possible options for setting parking conditions:

  • Optimal grace time
  • Night parking
  • Per-second tariff
  • Happy hours
  • Reservation of a place

Additional options:

  • Entry and exit without a barrier: the system scans the plate number of the departed car, checks the amount of time, and charges payment automatically.
  • An easy-to-use application allows you to find the nearest automatic parking areas.

For shopping centers – increase the loyalty of visitors and customers

With the Loyalty and Rewards module of the inCust platform, you get a powerful tool for automating customer relations. InCust’s solution covers all stages of customer interaction, from attracting new customers and retaining existing ones to detailed segmentation and personalized omnichannel communication.

You can easily solve the following tasks:

  • Attract visitors to your shopping center or mall
  • Motivate visitors to visit boutiques more actively
  • Collect customer data and communicate with visitors of the shopping center
  • Find out about the wishes of each of the visitors and make them the best offer
  • Analyze and redirect traffic flows

For business centers

  • Manage the parking area of the business center
  • Control the use of parking spaces by residents and guests of the business center – one-time parking, monthly rent, flexible visiting schemes
  • Provide free parking for certain categories or specific vehicles, or restrict access to blacklisted drivers

To the events management companies

  • Arrange the parking area near the event
  • Help drivers – speed up entry and exit to / from the parking area. Electronic payments and automatic recognition of vehicles help to reduce the time, needed for entry and departure, up to 70%.
  • Involve customers in supporting businesses at your event. For example, give a discount coupon to drivers when buying popcorn.

For local governments

Parking areas can be included in a single system of living space in the city with centralized control and management. Also, using the inCust platform, the city can launch solutions such as “City resident card” or “City guest card.” Such electronic cards provide access to many services, businesses, and places of interest in the city. An example of such a card is Lviv City Card, the city card of Lviv (Ukraine).

All the necessary analytics in one place

The system allows you to collect and process data for further statistical processing. You can easily control the number of cars, at what time they were parked and for how long, how much they paid, and in what way. The system remembers the time of arrival and departure, car number, parking costs.

If you are interested in this solution or have questions, you are welcome to contact us, and we will help you choose the best tools to solve your tasks.

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