Free service for collecting customer feedback

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service for businesses from inCust – automatic collection of customer feedback  

Whether customers are happy can be determined by the growth of performance indicators in sales or by the number of negative comments on social networks. Many people rely on these signals. Yet, 

in a moment, sales begin to drop, and a lot of negative feedback accumulates on social networks, which is why the company’s reputation nosedives. 

Can a business prevent such a situation? Definitely! Successful companies that work closely with customers at every stage of their lifecycle know how important it’s to have a direct connection with customers in order to respond to any problems that arise as quickly as possible. A business can ask for customer feedback at every point of sale or in any contact with a customer, and this way, gain much more value and in-depth information that bare sales numbers will not offer.

To build a loyal customer base, don’t wait until customers post reviews on social networks and forums or share opinions with their friends. After all, reviews can be negative. And when there is no direct communication, it’s quite difficult to respond and solve the problem in time. A much better approach would be to encourage customers to leave reviews after each interaction with the business and instantly respond to customer messages.

The Customer Feedback service makes it easy to start collecting reviews:

  1. Set up rules for collecting customer feedback in the inCust service
  2. Place a QR code or a link near the cash register, on a table in a cafe, on a check, send an SMS, an email or a Push message to a mobile application.
  3. The customer can use a link, a QR code, reply in a chatbot, mobile application, or Kiosk self-service panel and post a review.
  4. Customers can send feedback in a text form, post a picture or an audio message.
  5. The service sends feedback to the business by email.
  6. The business can instantly respond to any feedback – reward a positive one with bonus points or a small compliment and work with a negative one to resolve an unpleasant situation.

We described the operation of the service in detail in our article “Effective method for collecting customer ratings and reviews

inCust provides businesses with a modern tool for working with customers. Two options are offered: free and paid, containing extended functionality.

The free service plan for customer feedback allows you to use this feature without having to pay for points of sale, Terminals, etc. It is possible to send messages to customers at regular prices set in the service, while sending to a mobile application, chatbot, or by e-mail is free in the free plan. Also, issuing coupons as a reward for customers is free. If a POS system of the business works with coupons, a customer may use the issued coupon in the POS system. If you want to process coupons using the functions of the inCust service, you should switch to a service plan that includes the Terminal software module or access to the API (this is possible with any paid service plan). If you need to use other services of the platform, such as a loyalty program, prepaid goods or services, etc., you may do this by switching to the appropriate service plan of the inCust service.

The differences between a free service plan and paid plans are:

  • The free plan service supports two feedback sources. Paid plans include an unlimited number of feedback sources.
  • The free plan lets customers leave text messages. Paid plans enable customers to send pictures and voice messages.

To start, you need to register in the inCust service and set up feedback sources. You will receive a QR code and link for leaving feedback that you can immediately place at your points of sale or send to your customers.

Setting up customer feedback will take you just a couple of minutes. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our specialists.

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