Customer interactions in event management

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In event management, businesses need to attract visitors, sell and validate tickets, and increase profits by selling supplementary goods and services. 

Tickets can be cumbersome to distribute, validate and account, especially when they must be sold via travel agencies, in airports, and via other partner distribution channels. inCust lets you get rid of paper tickets and track visitors by their phone numbers or using QR codes. Tickets can include a compliment (like a free cup of tea in the nearby café) from the event or partner businesses.

We will help you with such problems

  • How to make the event visible and attract visitors

  • Efficient sales and validation of tickets, including advance ticket sales

  • Selling of supplementary goods and services

  • Cooperation with other businesses to cross-promote services

Benefits for you


Sell tickets and supplementary goods and services (also via E-shop)


Validate tickets with specialized ticket processing software by inCust


Attract visitors with cross-promotions and incentives


Process sales and payments with POS software by inCust

We have the right instruments for you


Prepaid Goods and Services

Coupons and Certificates


Ticket Manager

Information and Communications

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