The tools that help you automate fuel stations

We have published a new knowledge base article that will introduce to you the most important tools for fuel station automation and the opportunities you get with the inCust platform.

We invite you to watch the video about the solution from inCust which helps to automate fuel stations.

We receive a variety of inquiries and questions from our clients, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to easily find answers and select from the opportunities that the platform opens for your business. 

Such opportunities include:

  • refueling and charging the car using a mobile application / chatbot without a driver leaving the car
  • refueling and charging using inCust Kiosk
  • ability to pay for fuel without a bank terminal
  • prepayment of fuel and energy in the mobile application or replenishment of a  customer account
  • payment for fuel via USSD-menu
  • launching of a loyalty program without using plastic cards with authorization by phone number, mobile application, etc.
  • launching of a joint digital fuel card at partner fuel stations without integration
  • solution for corporate customers at fuel stations
  • control of fuel levels
  • management and control of road tankers
  • types of integration between the inCust platform and fuel stations

You can find the details in our article

Solutions for fuel stations are built to measure, so you can be sure that your solution will suit your business in the best way.

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