Let’s develop a new concept of city cards together!

Tourism is a powerful driver of local economic activity and a source of income for local budgets. The city government is trying to help tourists and businesses meet each other in various ways.

The inCust platform is an ideal match for creating coalition programs with many participants, launching “city card” or tourist card projects, processing parking payments, and supporting various social projects of the cities.

inCust provides many tools for interacting with tourists and locals:

  • Fast processing of sales and payments in the cloud
  • Ability to authenticate customers
  • Possibility to issue digital and plastic cards
  • Coupons and Certificates
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Information and Communication
  • Customer database
  • E-shop
  • Mobile App
  • Omnichannel communications
  • User feedback and ratings

In partnership with the Lviv city administration, inCust launched the Lviv City Card project. You can learn more about the project from our case.

Example of how the card works:

Now, we are looking for new partners to implement similar successful projects together. If you would like to develop projects that help improve cities, write to us – management@incust.com

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