Looking for partners to implement projects related to monetization of customer traffic!

Lately, many companies in the service industry have suffered. With customers making decisions more carefully, sales have declined. We thought about how inCust can help the business using all our tools and extensive experience in attracting new customers and reducing the churn of existing customers.

Thus, we have a project called “Magnet”. The best is that this project is beneficial to all participants: business, partners, and customers.

“Magnet” brings you an additional income from customers, whom you drive to project partners. And if a company has a large flow of customers (we call such companies “traffic operators”), then it can be monetized in a couple of clicks.

Who can be a traffic operator?

  • Mobile operators
  • Banks
  • Internet service providers
  • Carriers
  • Online platforms
  • Companies with high visitor traffic

How does it work?

A customer purchases some service, e.g. tops up the cell phone account for $10. The business rewards him by crediting reward points equal to the sum of the purchase to the customer’s special account. The customer can spend these points for a limited time at partners in the service sector: to visit a restaurant or entertainment zone, buy a gift or get a haircut.

Who pays for reward points? Not the business – the business earns. Partners are interested in “buying a traffic” of customers from the business, thus they provide a discount to customers and pay a referral fee to the business for each customer they receive from the business.

Now we are looking for new partners with whom we can successfully implement such projects together. We provide all the necessary tools for managing customer accounts and carrying out mutual settlements. If you are interested in developing such projects, you are welcome to write to us – management@incust.com

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