How to help Ukraine right now?

24 of February, the world was shocked when Russian forces carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

As the war continues to unfold, many of us are watching and wondering how we can help people whose homes, cities, and lives are being destroyed. In times of war, it is considered best practice to support charitable organizations working directly on the ground, as this provides immediate relief to those affected. You can find a list of verified organizations that you can support. It’s not a complete list, we hope that it will serve as a starting point. Each of the organizations mentioned there is actively working in the field to provide aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

This is how you can help Ukraine from anywhere.

On this website, you can find all proven ways of helping Ukraine to be sure you do the right thing.

How you can support:

  • Medical supplies and humanitarian aid
  • Helping children affected by war
  • Supplies for the military
  • Host Ukrainians
  • Join a peace protest
  • Entry into the foreign legion
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