Control over distribution of values for charity organizations

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Charity and humanitarian organizations lose a lot of distributed values due to inefficient control and accounting, especially in areas with social instability, armed conflicts and alike.

The inCust platform lets such organizations establish reliable accounting and control over funds and goods that are distributed, thus increasing efficiency of the humanitarian activities.

We will help you with such problems

  • How to ensure that humanitarian help is distributed fairly

  • Analyze consumption and predict the need in certain goods or services

  • Prevent the loss and theft of distributed values on their way to recipients

Benefits for you


Distribute humanitarian help fairly by providing personal benefits to participants


Control expenditure of distributed values using the prepaid goods instrument


Distribute prepaid cards that include local goods and services


Speak one-to-one with recipients using omnichannel communications

We have the right instruments for you

Customer database

Information and Communications

Prepaid Goods and Services

Coupons and Certificates

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