inCust platform gets new Business Intelligence and Analytics functionality

The fresh update of the inCust customer friendship system lets businesses analyze customer behavior and activity using the new set of Analytics and Business Intelligence functions. These functions are immediately available in the Business Control Panel on the inCust website.

The offered functions are arranged in two groups. The first group is available to all businesses, and it includes the functions that help you find out, how many new customers you get and how your loyalty program and communications help you return the customers to your business. You can see how much it costs you to take various loyalty actions and what the profit from them is. You will also find who your most valuable customers are and how efficiently your points of sale operate.

The second group is an add-on product, which requires customization for each business. With these functions, you can analyze the behavior of customers related to certain goods and groups of goods, check demographics and geography of sales, and run custom reports. It is also possible to export the raw data of inCust operations to the Business Intelligence software of your choice.

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