Platform base features

Common features and capabilities of the inCust CLM platform

Common Platform Instruments

Mobile app for customers

Runnable on any tablet or smartphone with a recent version of Android or iOS


Web-based Control Panel

For customers with the same functions as the Mobile App for customers offers

Powerful Terminal application with various operation modes

Lets one use virtually all platform functions on the tablet, smartphone or in the web browser


Web-based Control Panel for business

Lets you manage all aspects of your use of the platform

API(s) available for all functionality of the inCust platform


Export of raw data for processing in Data Mining and Business Intelligence (BI) software

More options for your business

  • Authentication of returning customers using any of the listed methods:
    • – by phone number
    • – by email 
    • – using secure dynamic QR code
    • – using plastic cards
    • – using custom (external) identifiers
    • – using NFC (upon request)
    • – using Bluetooth (upon request)
  • Versatile APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
    • – Base API that covers all aspects of the platform functionality. It can be used for integration of the inCust platform with various third-party software, such as third-party POS modules, Kiosks, e-shop software and more.
    • – API for mobile apps and websites. It lets you implement custom software for your customers or integrate some of its functions to your website.
    • – API for business management (available upon request). It lets you implement custom software or web pages for managing your business like it is done in the Web-based Business Control Panel
  • Analytics and statistics
    • – Built-in reporting and daily statistics for a quick glance
    • – Export of raw data
  • Mobile app for customers. Runnable on any tablet or smartphone with a recent version of Android or iOS. Includes the following functions: 
    • – authentication at points of sale
    • – news from businesses
    • – information about each business including the list of stores
    • – means to communicate with businesses
    • – digital wallet to see and manage all customer’s assets
    • – e-shop
    • – history of transactions
    • – recommendations
    • – QR code scanner to use coupons and certificates
  • Ease of use for business
    • – Multiple brands (sales networks, separate sub-businesses) under one business account
    • – Multiple points of sale per brand. Describe each of your points of sale including their  addresses and other information.
    • – Multiple salespeople (cashier, waiter etc.) logins per brand
  • Omnichannel communication with customers
  • Possibility to choose custom SMS services provider (available upon request)

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