Loyalty program:

a tool to bring more money to your business

What makes an effective loyalty program?

Cost efficiency of starting and running a program

Communication with your customers between their visits

Attractive and mutually beneficial offerings

How inCust addresses these requirements?


No need to issue plastic cards means that inCust-based loyalty program can be run literally in minutes.
All your sales people need to have is a tablet or a smartphone to access the Terminal on the inCust website.


inCust offers several channels to talk to your customers: push notifications and optional two-way chat in the mobile app, SMS messages, announcements and ads on the map (via ARoglyph service).


Flexible bonus point and discount rules let you fully customize your loyalty program.

How is inCust different from similar offers?

Regular loyalty program inCust-based loyalty program
Requires plastic cards or similar identification “No plastic cards” means much lower costs to start and run the program.
Offers limited communications possibility with the customer inCust uses one mobile app for all loyalty programs. Push messages, bi-directional chat with customers, SMS, location-based ads – all of this and more is possible thanks to the single mobile app.
Separate loyalty program for each business All inCust loyalty programs are managed by inCust, and this makes cross-promotions and other joined activities possible without extra hassles.
It is hard for the customer to know his benefits and participation status Customers can see their collected bonus points, program rules, and other information right in the mobile app or in the Control Panel on the inCust site.