Target audiences

Shops of all kinds

As known, 80% of the income is made by selling to returning customers. So it is important for every shop to turn the occasional visitor into the loyal customers. inCust lets one run both discount-based, reward-based or combined loyalty programs without investing into plastic cards and custom hardware.

Shops will also benefit from available real-time sales statistics, easy issuance of gift cards and coupons to bring new customers to the shop, selling prepaid goods and subscriptions.

Shops of any size, from a street merchant to large nation-wide networks can use inCust services to deploy their customer loyalty and reward program.

Services (offline and online)

For services, be it a beauty salon, tire replacement service or a lawnmower, the competition is always stiffer – they compete not with other services of the same kind, but also with alternative solutions to the problem, or alternative options of resource spending. So it becomes especially important to keep the contact with the customer to put the opportunity ahead of the alternatives in the customer’s mind.

inCust lets services run loyalty programs, which both bring customers back and also provide direct real-time channels for communicating with customers. Those channels, unlike email newsletters, provide better read rate.

Subscriptions and prepaid service packages are also important factors for customer retention, as they make customers want to return and get what they have already paid for. And the service needs to make a sale just once for a subscription, rather than on per-visit basis. This is where inCust helps as well with the range of features that help services run a flexible subscription program or offer prepaid packages.