Coupon Exchange

Distribute Coupons And Get New Customers

With the coupon exchange, offered by the inCust platform, your business can attract new customers by issuing coupons, and earn additional profits by distributing coupons, issued by other businesses.
Coupons let customers get the discount, purchase special goods or receive a gift. Unlike simple discounts, coupons bring the element of gamification to the purchasing process, thus making this process more interesting and emotionally appealing for customers.
You get new customers to your business when others distribute coupons that you issue.
Additional income becomes available, when your business distributes coupons, issued by others, and gives these coupons to your customers (e.g. prints them on the check or sends them to the customer accounts in the inCust system).

How does it work?

Your business can issue coupons in the Control Panel, and when doing this specify that the coupons must be made available to businesses on the Exchange. To propel other businesses to distribute your coupons, you set the reward which you are ready to pay to the distributing business for the customer, which has come to your business with the distributed coupon. Note, that you don’t pay anything until the customer uses the coupon in your business.
Your business can get additional income by distributing coupons of other businesses. This occurs in two ways. First, the business, whose coupons you distribute, will pay you the reward when the customer, attracted by the coupon you have given them, comes to the business and uses this coupon. Secondly, your customers will be more interested in purchasing from you, knowing that they will receive the additional benefit – the coupon.
You will find coupons from other businesses on the “Coupon Exchange” tab in the Control Panel. There’s also a link to the tutorial there, which will tell you how exactly you get the coupons for distribution.


The payment for distributing your coupons is charged from your advance payments account in inCust. To make your coupons visible on the Exchange, you need to have the balance on this account, sufficient to pay for the distribution of the coupons.
You get the reward for distributing other businesses’ coupons by getting the bonus points on your bonus account in inCust. You can use these bonus points to pay for inCust services (instead of paying money for them). Also, we can conclude an agreement with your business and pay you the reward using the wire transfer to your bank account.