Usage scenarios

Shops and pharmacies

Likely used: bonus points, coupons, gift cards, special goods

Shops and pharmacies are places, which people visit really often. And visitors love everything that helps them save on regular purchases. Discounts are fine, yet they do not make people come to the shop more frequently. Tools, offered by inCust, such as bonus points and coupons, as well as goods offered specifically to frequent buyers, help not just to retain customers, but also help sell the goods, which don’t get enough customer attention.

Restaurants, café

Likely used: bonus points, coupons

Incentives, delivered to people who live or just pass nearby, can create a steady flow of visitors to your café or restaurant. Paper coupons, however, are costly to distribute. Digital coupons and exposure of information in the inCust mobile app for customers can bring new people, and bonus points will help make these customers return the next time.


Likely used: bonus points, coupons, prepaid services

Having a reward program for visitors can make a difference for travelers on a budget or for those, who pay on their own. Coupons can drive your visitors to the restaurant or the beauty salon that your hotel has. Prepaid services feature can be used to track the use of supplementary services, offered in the hotel, like a free spa or pool visits, or valet car parking. With the features by inCust, hotels can also distribute the incentives of third-party services and get rewarded for this distribution.

Hair and beauty salons, spa centers

Likely used: discounts, bonus points, prepaid services, digital punch cards

Procedures in those services are often offered in series, and it is necessary to track the use of each service within series. This is where inCust with its prepaid services feature come to help. And in the case of one-time procedures, it becomes important to have the customer return regularly. Bonus points and digital punch cards assist with this task as well.

Gas stations

Likely used: discounts, bonus points, prepaid services, coupons

Both gasoline and natural gas, offered at gas stations, are a commodity where the price and various surprises become the main factor to attract customers. So it is important to have the full set of instruments to bring customer’s attention to your particular gas station or network. inCust offers plenty of instruments for real-life scenarios in fueling business.

On of possible custom solutions, virtual fuel cards, can be used as a mechanism to pay for large amounts of fuel in advance (possibly by the business or organization), and then let employees of that business use that virtual cards for fueling. Virtual fuel cards give businesses the way to track use of fuel by employees and ensure, that there’s no abuse.

Car washes, car service and tire replacement services

Likely used: bonus points, digital punch cards

Vehicle-related services are another highly competitive business with little or no differentiation besides price. The cost of outdoor advertising is often unjustified and absurd in these types of businesses. Digital coupons and ultra-local advertising, offered by inCust, can be used to bring new first-time customers. Instruments like punch cards are used at car washes and tire replacement services to retain customers and make them return, and inCust provides a digital replacement for paper cards.

Events (concerts, shows), museums and exhibitions

Likely used: prepaid services, coupons

Tickets can be cumbersome to distribute, validate and manage, especially when they must be sold via travel agencies, in airports, and via other partner distribution channels. inCust lets you get rid of paper tickets and track visitors by their phone numbers, crediting their account for the specific prepaid set of visits and supplementary services. And in many cases, such ticket can include a compliment (like a free cup of tea in the nearby café), which can be made easily with inCust’s built-in goods and services accounts and coupons.

Hospitals, labs, and doctors

Likely used: bonus points, prepaid services

While these businesses differ a lot between countries, there’s usually a choice of doctors and labs to visit. So customer loyalty and the ways to gain it are also important. To make the visits regular, labs and doctors can use bonus points to reward customers for their visit, and prepaid services to make customers return on a regular basis (and that’s good for health too).

Shopping malls with mall-wide loyalty programs

Likely used: bonus points, discounts, gift cards

So-called coalition-based loyalty programs let a shopping mall and individual shops within a mall share the discount and reward program. The shopping mall can offer discounts, provide gifts and distribute gift cards to bring new visitors to the mall, and those cards and discounts would be handled by every shop.

Travel agencies, insurance companies

Likely used: coupons, prepaid services

Travel agencies work in cooperation with a number of other services, like hotels, museums, and exhibitions, etc. Agencies act as resellers of such services, distribute coupons and offer prepaid service to their customers. inCust helps travel agencies do this by providing a technological platform for this kind of operations.

Insurance companies are similar in that they can act as a highly-focused marketing channel for services, related to an object or a person, being insured (e.g. car repair service, hospital, etc.).

Charity organizations

Likely used: coupons, prepaid goods and services

When distributing welfare (food stamps and alike), it is important to prevent speculation and ensure, that each recipient gets their welfare. inCust offers a platform with several instruments that let charity funds organize and control the distribution of benefits.