Points of Sale


InCust Terminal is a transaction tool. Typically, each point of sale should have an appropriate register, but in some cases there may be several registers per 1 point of sale (for example, for each salesperson separately, or for each waiter).

inCust Terminal name – Specify the register’s name,this name is internal, it will not be displayed.

Choose Point of Sale – It is necessary to specify the point of sale to which this register belongs.

Language of the customer messages – Choose in which language standard messages will be sent to the customer. Please note that the customer can set his preferred message language. If he launches the inCust mobile application, he will automatically be set to the language of the phone. Also, the customer can go to the online office of the customer and choose the language. But before that, the customer will receive messages in the language that you specified in this setting.

Choose currency – Here you need to specify the currency with which your register works. If you work in different countries, the corresponding registers with different currencies can be configured.

To use the register for transactions, you need to log in using the username and password.

Login – Specify the login to be used. Login must have at least 6 characters.

Password – Enter a password, the password must be at least 4 characters.

Phone number of salesperson – You can write the mobile number of the point of sale here. This phone number can be used to remind the password to a salesperson by phone number.