Digital pkpass card for user authorization

From this article, you will learn how to issue a digital identification card to a customer. Such digital cards allow you to get rid of plastic cards or just give a customer a digital card in addition to a plastic one.


We have developed several options for registering new users and issuing electronic cards to the customer’s phone. These methods allow not only to issue a card, but also to collect a reliable database of customers.

The pkpass digital card is one of the customer identification tools, such as the customer’s mobile application, chatbot, Kiosk, plastic card, and just a customer’s phone number.

A customer can get a unique digital card in one of the following ways:

  • Self-registration of the customer by link or QR code [link]
  • A customer obtains a digital copy of a plastic card on their own [link]
  • Delivery of a link to a digital card in an SMS at the time of registration by phone number [link]
  • Getting a link to a card through other channels and events [link]