inCust platform features

inCust platform features


Whether you have one store or a large network, inCust is for you

Multiple loyalty programs per business

When one business owns different retail networks or different kinds of businesses, it is reasonable to share the customer database and be able to provide cross-network promotions.

Unlimited stores per business

Customer friendship grows together with your retail network


If your business operates in multiple countries, you can make your loyalty program international as well with support of multiple currencies.

inCust platform features

Flexible authentication and authorization

inCust ensures that customer convenience does not sacrifice security.

With a phone number

The customer can use just the phone number to get the benefits (bonus points, coupons), or authenticate with a phone number and a one-time message to use the benefits.

With the one-time code in mobile app

The dynamic QR code, displayed by the application, lets the customer skip telling the phone number to the cashier. The customer can use a smartphone app or even a smartwatch app for Android Wear and iWatch devices.

Previously produced plastic card

If your business has a card-based loyalty program, card numbers can be associated with the customer accounts and used for authentication by the salespeople later.

Self-authentication in Kiosk

To save processing time, customers can pre-authenticate themselves using inCust Kiosk.

inCust platform features

Full scope of operations with customer database

Build, analyze and use your customer data.

Industry-grade analytics

inCust makes most common reports available to every business, and if you need custom analysis, the platform lets you export the data for further use in data analytical packages.

Flexible querying of the customer database

You can choose customers by different parameters, thus getting a more focused customer group

Collection of customer data using electronic questionnaires

inCust collects the minimal customer data (date of birth, phone number), accessible to all businesses. The data can be provided by the customers in Customer Control Panel on the inCust website, during sign up, via the smartphone app or Kiosk solution.

Customization of questionnaires for business needs

Each business can define a set of additional fields for the questionnaire. These fields will be accessible only to this business

Delivery of messages to specific groups of customers

Messages, sent via the communication channels (see below) can be delivered to the customers by certain criteria.

inCust platform features

Multiple ways of interaction with customers

Staying close to customers ensures that it’s your business that grabs their attention when needed

Via the salesperson

Your sales people talk to customers to authenticate them and to credit and provide loyalty benefits


inCust Kiosk solution can be installed at the points of sale and used by customers to authenticate, obtain information

inCust Control Panel

The Customer Control Panel on the inCust Web Site lets customers check their account balance, read news from your business, apply coupons to their customer accounts and more.

inCust smartphone app

The mobile app is a handy alternative to the Customer Control Panel, and it also offers the way to conveniently authenticate at points of sale

Various communication channels

The communication mechanisms, offered by inCust, let you build a steady bi-directional channel, that will increase visibility of your business to customers

Social network integration

Reward customers for activity in social networks. Also, login via social networks is allowed.

inCust platform features

Variety of marketing tools

The described marketing tools are the building blocks of your friendship with customers. There exist a plethora of real-life use cases and scenarios, which can be implemented using the offered tools and mechanisms.

Different kinds of coupons

Coupons give a customer the right to obtain certain service or benefit (discount, a certain amount of bonus points, access to specific goods, etc).
Businesses can use coupon for cross-business promotions, thus driving customers to each other’s business.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates attract new customers to your business. A gift certificate can include one or more coupons and can be transferred to another customer.

Reward for the visit

A customer can be rewarded with some benefit (e.g. a small number of bonus points) for just visiting the point of sale. This tool incentivizes the customer to make a purchase.

Special offers during the visit

When the customer’s visit is detected (with the help of iBeacons and other mechanisms), they can receive a special offer (member-only goods, etc), which incentivizes a purchase.

Different types of goods accounts

Each customer can have multiple accounts (similar to bank accounts) with different “currencies”. Currencies are either bonus points or particular products and services.

Prepaid goods and services

Using goods accounts, you can implement the scheme where the customer pays for goods and services in advance and receives them later. Rule-based discounts can be applied when the goods are consumed faster.

Bonus points

Bonus points let the customer get some discount in future. The inCust system supports regular and time-limited (expiring) bonus points, and the customer can have both types of points on account at the same time.


Customizable discounts, based on the flexible rules that you setup for the loyalty program.

Access to member-only goods

One of the ways to make customers feel special is to offer certain goods or services only to customers with a specific membership level.

Multiple communication channels

inCust offers variety of ways to talk to customers and to hear from them (see below)

Automated messages to customers

You can setup rules to greet customers about certain events.

inCust platform features

Extensive communication channels

The communication channels, offered by inCust, allow talking to all or groups of customers of your business, as well as individual messages and offers. Customers are able to talk to your business via inCust as well.

Adaptive message delivery

To ensure that your message is delivered and at the same time to save you money, you can define the sequence of channels that will be used to deliver the message. When delivery of the message is not confirmed in one channel, the next channel is tried and so on.


Having mobile phone numbers as required, inCust ensures that you can always reach the customer by sending a simple SMS

Push messages on smartphones

If a customer has the inCust mobile app installed, Push messages are the cheapest and the most efficient communication option

Viber messages

inCust supports sending messages via Viber, saving your money

News feed in the inCust smartphone app

Your business has an individual news feed within inCust, where you can publish your news, announcements and special offers.


If a customer has provided their email address, it is possible to send them an email message via inCust service

Individual messaging in the inCust smartphone app

Customers can send the individual message to your business via the smartphone app.

inCust platform features

inCust empowers and automates all aspects of friendship with customers

The described marketing tools are the building blocks of your friendship with customers. There exist a plethora of real-life use cases and scenarios, which can be implemented using the offered tools and mechanisms.

Open API

API is the programming interface that developers can use to integrate inCust with e-shops, Point-of-Sale software and custom solutions

Business Control Panel

All communication with customers and operations with the customer database are performed via the Business Control Panel

inCust Register

The way for a salesperson to serve customers at a point of sale. Register can be used on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.

inCust Kiosk

The self-service solution, installed at points of sale, that lets you authenticate customers and provide them with the most recent offers and other useful information

inCust Steward

The software module for waiters and stewards in restaurants and café

Mobile app for customers

The way for customers to work with inCust. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Mobile app for smart watches

This is the module for authentication with one-time codes using the Android Wear or iWatch smart watches.